March 17, 2021

Not-so-quiet riot

Not-so-quiet riot

My first official episode! Today I talk about the event that inspired this podcast, the Capitol insurrection. Who stormed the Capitol, why they did it, and what the aftermath has been. 

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Hi, and welcome to shit that scares me, where we talk about all the scary things in the world. I'm your host Teresa, and this is my very first episode. I'm really excited. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time. But my first episode, I wanted to talk about the event that inspired me to really get off my ass and create this podcast. The insurrection at the Capitol, the US Capitol on Now, I know we all know, basically what happened on this day, if you're an adult, or even if you're a teenager, or even if you're a middle school, you no doubt saw plenty of news coverage in in the ensuing months have seen plenty more news coverage. But I wanted to talk about the people who decided that they were going to storm the Capitol and why they did it and why I find it so terrifying. So the basics. The reason why January 6 is a big deal is because that is the date that Congress was meeting to certify the results of the 2020 US presidential election. And this is something that is dictated in the Constitution. It's like the second Monday after the first Tuesday after the third Friday, like I'm being hyperbolic here. But it's This point being January 6, former President Trump had claimed that the election had been stolen from him. And this was his last chance to stop the steal, quote, unquote, stop the steal. He wanted Vice President Mike Pence, to use his power as President of the Senate to overturn the results of the election, and only count electors that had been appointed for Trump, anybody can tell you that Donald Trump and his son and re Giuliani and a whole bunch of other people speak and talk about how they need to take their country back and yada yada yada. Part of the speeches was about fighting for the country and trial by combat and there was some really like inflammatory, violent, violent language in the speeches. And you can argue, you know, people should have known that they weren't supposed to go and storm the Capitol afterwards. But, you know, that is for defense lawyers to argue not for me to argue. Now, after the speeches, I mean, one of 1000s of people marched from near the White House where the rally had taken place, down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol building, and there was some You know, minor protections set up and Capitol Police were there. And they were kind of like half prepared for any. anybody that wanted to storm the building, but they really weren't prepared. And that's what happened. The Capitol Police were overwhelmed. They couldn't get any backup from the National Guard. And hundreds, if not 1000s of people stormed into the building. These people that were storming into the building, they sent tweets, they sent texts, they live streamed themselves. There's evidence of this happening all over the internet have hundreds and hundreds of people doing this. And not only were they using, like mainstream social media sites like Facebook, but they also were using an app called parler, which actually was supposed to be parlay. But like moderation that Facebook tries to or Twitter choice tries to. It's clear from the videos and tweets and everything else, that these people, when they're with the goal of fighting, a lot of them are wearing tactical gear, and carrying weapons, some of them had zip coughs, which aren't like regular zip ties. If you've ever maybe been in a club and gotten a little too rowdy. You know what zip cuffs are. They're large zip ties, but they're made to be handcuffs. They're not made to be normal zip ties. Anyway, a bunch of people had zip coughs. And the invasion lasted a few hours. But eventually they were able to get it back under control. And lawmakers were able to meet and certify the election, obviously, since we now have Joe Biden as our our president, while this was going on. Senators, Congress, people, even the Vice President, were whisked out of the senate chambers and taken to the undisclosed, you know, secret, safe location that is really only reserved for, like nuclear war, and really scary, dangerous situations. But that's where our lawmakers had to hide, while this was all going down. And that's, that's really scary to to think that the people who are First and foremost, Donald Trump is a liar. And there's really no getting around that. He said for months, and even still, he made a speech last week or two weeks ago now at the Conservative Political Action Conference, see Pac and repeated more of these election lies, and stated that the election was stolen from him and that he's the rightful President of the United States. That's a lie. That is an objective lie. And it's easy to disprove. Even if it wasn't easy to disprove, even a shred of doubt in anybody's mind about whether or not this is true. More than 60 judges, many of them appointed by Trump himself and therefore kind of have a vested interest in whether or not he stays in office. But more than 60, judges found that there was no evidence of election interference. And many of them said on the record in their opinions that the evidence presented to them was ludicrous at best. Now, if all of this evidence that like Trump and his team claims that they have, why wouldn't they want to present it to the American public? Why wouldn't they be on every news channel every night? showing all this evidence? The only thing that we ever saw, as far as evidence was that Rudy Giuliani had a pile of papers. I mean, that's not really, that's not really evidence. 1000s and 1000s of people believed him and still believe him. In addition to those lies, there's Q. Now, at some point in the future, I want to talk about the phenomenon that is q anon. Because I find it fascinating, but also really terrifying. But if you don't know what q anon is, there is an individual who goes by the code name Q. This person claims to be a high level official in the Trump administration, who has inside knowledge of all of these government inner workings, this person, whoever they are posts on primarily 4chan, but there are other places and the things that they come up with are objectively insane. And I don't use that term lightly. I think that it you know, is used as a derogatory term for people with mental health problems. But these all these all these things that like the worst conspiracy theories pulled off the internet are the things that this person posts, he just kind of mashes them all up and, and post them on 4chan. Another one of the conspiracies that this person posts was that Donald Trump didn't actually lose the election, and he was going to show up at Joe Biden's inauguration and execute everyone and take office again, because the rescue person really pushes the idea that Donald Trump is the Savior of America. Some of the more recent conspiracy theories have been just as outlandish. But there are people who actually believe these things and who believe that q might be Donald Trump himself. And that everything that q says is true. And you saw that, in in seeing footage of the riot on January six people in cue shirts and people flying q flags. He this Q person is like an unofficial mascot. And people really believe that everything that comes out of Q's mouth is absolute truth. And I really think that part of why people are so quick to believe the things that come out of queue, and why they're so fast to believe what Donald Trump says. It's not only because they are not applying critical thinking, but also because people are feeling disenfranchised, and people are angry. And you know, there's been a lot of economic insecurity since started the pandemic, and even before that, and so many people in this country are just so angry about the things that are happening to them. And they saw Trump as they're away, of fixing things that he was gonna save them, which isn't true. I mean, he's a he's a businessman, and the only person that Donald Trump really looked out for was You know, I also blame them for not trying to have a little bit more or view things with a little bit more of a critical edge and not just accept the word of one dude, who has a vested interest in remaining in power. So anyways, so many people went to this event But I want to talk about a few individuals in particular, some of the ones that I found particularly terrifying, honestly. The first is, he's been like the, the guy you think about when you think about this riot. His name is Jacob tansley. He's also known as the Q anon shallan. The guy with the horns, who when they're trusted and showed off his chest tattoos and his American face paint. Yeah, his name is Jacob Chancellor. He is the author of two self published books. He's also a conspiracy theorist and a frequent protester. He has, over the summer was frequently protesting the Black Lives Matter. He was a counter protester. he protested with law enforcement when they were protesting Black Lives Matter. He also is a environmental activist, which is kind of ironic. Because he is such an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. Most environmental activists are not. He also was in the Navy. He was not kicked out of the Navy, but kind of kicked out of the Navy after he refused a vaccine. They shuffled him around a little bit after he refused it. And he didn't really do anything super critical in the Navy to begin with, he was some kind of a clerk. But after refusing the vaccine that was kind of the beginning of the end of his Navy career. Since then, he has spent most of his time protesting and following along with queue online, and he's a really big adherent to the Q conspiracy which is sort of like an amalgamation of like indigenous northern American beliefs and a bunch of different indigenous tribes. He just sort of smushed all their beliefs together, and he calls it his beliefs are stuck, which led to his claim when he was in jail, because he was arrested shortly after the protests. I mean, like I said, there weren't many of these people who were shy about what they were doing. Their videos and photos were all Because that's what you know, he claimed it was his religious belief that he only eat organic. And the jail where he was being held, didn't have an organic diet as a dietary option. They have like kosher and halal but since the shaman dude, since his belief system doesn't actually exist, they weren't able to fulfill his his request for an all organic diet. So his lawyer was able to convince the judge to move him to a different jail and allow him to eat organic. And I've seen pictures of him from the time that he spent in jail, and he has lost like a significant amount of weight. So it could be that he was on a starvation diet, and the judge felt it was in his best interest in the prisoners best interest to move jails. I can only speculate about that, though. So now, it's come out in the last week or so that he is giving He appeared on 60 minutes last week without the authorization of the court, claiming that he wasn't attacking the country on January 6, he was defending his country as any good patriot should, and that he was invited there by his president to come and help protect the country. He also did an interview with NBC News again without the authorization of the court. And in this interview with NBC he I quote, the fact that we had a bunch of our traders in office, hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker. I consider that a win. And quote, which is interesting. That shows, at least to the outside observer, it shows that he was really interested in scaring people and in potentially doing harm. On January 6, there were Facebook posts and videos showing Mr. Chan's lead, sitting in Mike Pence, this chair on the Senate floor, and calling Mike Pence a fucking traitor. And if you've paid any attention to this event at all, you'll know that there were more than a couple of people chanting hang Mike Pence, and really interested in finding Mike Pence and hurting him. That didn't happen. So again, we can only speculate about what their goal was. But it was pretty clear from the way that they acted that they were interested in hurting my patents. I'm not a fan of Mike Pence. And you may be able to tell I'm not a fan of Donald Trump. But I don't think that going to the Capitol with the goal of murdering someone, anyone regardless of whether or not as a lawmaker, I don't condone murder, just personally, but going there with that aim is definitely a crime. However, Chan's Lee's lawyer has argued that he was actually a peaceful protester. Despite the aforementioned video and photo evidence that clearly shows him entering the building, arguing with security guards, being in part of the crowd that chased a Capitol Police Officer up the stairs. Also, he was carrying a fucking spear. When was the last time that you went to a peaceful protest with a spear? I've been to many peaceful protests, some of which even like devolved into more violent things, never taken a spear. So Mr. Translate is now facing up to 20 years in prison 20 years. And due to his conduct and his refusal to acknowledge that he actually broke any laws. He's being denied bail pending trial, because the judge believes that he is a danger. And I can't say that I disagree. The judge when he denied change, please request to be set free. And because he asked to be set free. He didn't ask for bail. He wants to be set free and let go and have the charges dropped and just go about his life. But in his response to this request, the judge whose name is Royce, see Lamberth. He called the requests and I quote, so frivolous as to insult the courts intelligence and quote, The judge also stated, the statements defendant has made to the public from jail showed that defendant does not fully appreciate the severity of the allegations against him. To the contrary, he believes that he not So that's Jacob translate. There's also Jenny cud. She's the woman who owns the flower shop, who was allowed to go to Mexico on a vacation that she had planned prior to January 6, which made me laugh because so the timeline for this event was she planned vacation, paid for it, went to a riot. And thought she was going to just like, casually still go to Mexico afterwards. Like what is that? So I find that very funny. She's someone who helped break down Nancy Pelosi his door and there's video of her doing this. She also there's also a video of her stating that she was proud of what she and other patriots had done on that day. The judge did grant her permission to go to Mexico, she was able to do that. But now, her lawyer is attempting to move her trial to Texas, claiming in court documents that DC is too democratic and too anti Trump to give her client a fair trial. She's claiming that the issue centers around Donald Trump, not her client, which is a weird way to think about it. But I mean, it's kind of true in a roundabout way. The issue is about Trump, about what her client did in defense of Trump. But I'm not a lawyer, I don't know about Laurie things. The quote that I found, from her lawyer said that her client wouldn't get a fair trial because democrats refer to all Trump supporters as white supremacists. So there's going to be race baiting from the prosecution. And she says how many potential jurors will will disobey the social pressure to punish ms cod for being politically incorrect, and quote, so that's, that's a dick way of putting things. And I can imagine that there will be plenty of people who are minorities, black, brown, Asian, etc. Who would be able to put aside their beliefs about Donald Trump to give this woman a fair trial. I also believe there are plenty of white people who wouldn't give her a fair trial because she's fucking guilty, myself included. But this is a developing story, we'll see. We'll see what happens with Jenny cud. Another individual who is there that day, Derrick Evans, the lawmaker from West Virginia. He was a first term member of West Virginia House of Delegates sworn into office on December 1 2020. On January 6, he filmed himself at a riot. On January 8, he was arrested and on January 9, he resigned. He's keeping a low profile right now, as he probably should. But, you know, if you're going to a riot, you perhaps should not film yourself just in general, but especially if you're an elected member of a state legislature. Riley Joon Williams, the 22 year old who stole Nancy Pelosi his laptop and attempted to sell it to Russian intelligence agency. She came out recently that she also has ties to Nazi groups, or in militia groups, and is an avowed Nazi. So that's great. Jenna Ryan, the real estate agent from Texas, who was a member of a stop the steel group on Facebook, and saw that some cute guy was inviting people to go to Washington with him on a private jet. And she accepted because of course, you just get on a private jet to go to a rally with some random guy off the internet who doesn't do that. She did take a friend with her so she wasn't a complete idiot. But still, like you would not catch me ever doing this. But I work in online dating so I perhaps more suspicious than most. But she claims that she went to the rally to hear Trump speak in the morning. And then her and the entire group that she was with went back to the hotel, and they didn't plan to go out for the rest of the day. They were just going to kind of hang out around the hotel. And the group she was with, they changed their minds and they decided that they wanted to go to the Capitol. And of course, she and somehow accidentally went to a riot. Um, this is ludicrous because again, she just like most of the rest of them. She live streamed herself in the Capitol Building. There are photos of her next broken windows. You know with big smiles and thumbs up and real excited about being terrified. She also live streamed herself in the building, and made a bunch of social media posts about the revolution. And one of the posts on Twitter said, quote, we just stormed the Capitol. It was one of the best days of my life and quote, after her arrest, she pled with Trump to pardon her, and said, quote, I'm facing a prison sentence. I think I don't deserve that. And quote, at the time, she also stated she was glad she was there, because she witnessed history, and she'll never get a chance to do that again. FARC I hope not. I hope nobody ever has the chance to do something like this ever again. And, you know, like the other writers, she didn't receive the pardon. She so desperately wanted from Trump, who she was just fully in support of. And, you know, she really thought she deserved this pardon, because she didn't do anything wrong. Now, she says, quote, I bought into a lie, and the lie is the lie. And it's embarrassing. I regret everything, and quote, though, I'm inclined to believe that she only regrets it because she got caught and didn't get pardoned. Um, that seems to be the way of things. I left my I don't want to say favorite, high profile protester for last, but he's certainly the shittiest of all the shitbags that have been really high profile. His name is Guy refet or refit. He's the individual who told his kids that he would shoot them if they turned him into the FBI. So he didn't tell his family that he had gone to the protest. And when he got back a couple of days later, he told them where he had been. And his family was really scared for him because they knew what had gone down. And what he said to them was, if you turn me into the FBI, your traders and you know what happens to traitors, they get shot, which I guess you could argue was not him directly His Son, like, was kicked out of the house and it was a whole terrible thing. I feel bad for this kid. He's 18 years old. And now he's completely on his own and basically hiding from his father, and that's terrible, or refet, or refit is a member of a few different racist and potentially violent Melissa group, militia groups. One of them is the three percenters, which is they've got some weird, are known to be really racist. Now, this guy's wife has been interviewed a bunch of times, and he has said that his kids were disturbed by the comments he made to them, but that he's not a violent person. Sometimes he's just too passionate, and says things he doesn't really mean. His daughter was testifying and not testifying, but gave testimony in a hearing this week, to try and get her dad out on bail. And her testimony echoed her mother's saying that he would never hurt us. And sometimes he goes too far. But he's not a violent person. He's not a danger to anyone. And listening to these women defend him. I can't help but be reminded of all the like battered women who defend their abuser abusers to the ends of the earth. And it's heartbreaking. absolutely You know, there's no doubt in my mind that this guy was violent to his family. You don't just like wake up one day and decide you're gonna join a militia and storm the Capitol. And he wasn't just storming the Capitol like he was wearing tack tactical gear. He had a GoPro on his head, or on his chest rather, and he like he would like was ready to go. And he wanted to have a record of what he did on that day. This is the thing you don't plan for it you know, he he demonstrated terrible decision making if this was like a random thing that happened, though he did also take guns to the Capitol, and that shows premeditation so you don't accidentally drive from Texas, to Washington DC with guns and not know it. So his request for bail was denied by his judge, but the judge was really compassionate. And I thought really kind to his wife and daughter. And if the judge didn't think that this guy was a danger to society at large, I'm sure he would have let him out on bail, because he seemed like he was really touched by their testimony. Anyways, these are just a handful of the people who did this awful thing on January 6, and the investigations are ongoing. Many have been charged, but many are still at large. Many of them are non adherence, many of them are still loyal to Trump, and show no remorse about what they did. In the aftermath, to Capitol Police officers have committed suicide over this. They were so distraught about what happened and their role in it that they actually took their own lives. And that's on top of the officer who was killed by rioters. Those two individuals who assaulted the police officer said, Nick, with the fire extinguisher were arrested this week. Police officers on scene have described a complete lack of planning and support. Law enforcement didn't take the threats seriously in the run up to the January 6, which is insane to me, because, you know, you're talking about coordinated and specific details about these gatherings. Like they were being planned out in the open, how could they not be taken seriously. It's also come out just today, actually, that the army was initially really resistant to the idea of sending the National Guard for backup. And nobody really understands why other than the optics, they thought it wouldn't look good to have National Guard stationed around the Capitol. Which, okay, fine, it looks bad, but you need you need backup. When things like this happen. The Capitol Police Force is so small that when armed protesters come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, the guard should be there. That's what they're there for. And while Donald Trump was quoted in his second impeachment trial, he is facing civil charges for all kinds of things in a bunch of different states, like Georgia is doing an investigation about the phone call that he made to the Georgia Secretary of State and the inspector. The election inspector about voter fraud and there's just there's investigations from so many different places. And lawmakers in Congress are calling for an investigation sort of like they did with 911 to figure out what happened with the riot but nothing has really moved with that yet and it could take years for us to really know what happened and have that report. And every day, every single day, new stuff comes out about this where they have arrested