March 17, 2021

Dolls are f*cking creepy

Dolls are f*cking creepy

Welcome to episode 2, where we get into some really scary shit: Annabelle, a Raggedy Ann doll. Are you scared yet?

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Hello again friends and welcome to shit that scares me, where we talk about all the scary things in the world. I'm your host Teresa, and today we're talking about the most terrifying Raggedy Ann doll in existence. Annabel, she sparked an entire movie series, and scared the shit out of me for decades. So let's chat about this doll. Now, if you don't know who this doll is, I'm going to give you some hated her. But I love this book. This is one of my all time favorite books. And my dad, when he gave me this book, he told me, you know, this stuff is real blah, blah, blah. And I don't know that I believe that. But I had it for ages, probably nearly 20 years. until I moved to Albany, and something happened to it. It completely disappeared. And I haven't been able to find it. So I bought a new They noticed the doll would change positions, like and Donald would leave the doll on her bed in the morning, with her arms down straight by her sides, and she would get home and the das arms would be closed crossed or the legs would be crossed. And the doll eventually started moving rooms all together, she would be in Donna's room with a door close when Donna left in the morning. And when Angie okay, let me make sure I understand. You had a seance. And whatever Spirit came through, told you it was a little girl. And you were totally on board with letting the little girl possess the doll. And they were like, Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, it's totally fine. And you get the impression when reading the book that ad was kind of like Are you fucking kidding me. But that's, you know, speculation that's And he wants to pick it up because he knew that Donna really liked the doll and would be upset if she thought that the doll was thrown on the floor. And he felt like somebody was behind him watching him. But he turned around and obviously nobody was there. And he turned back around to look at the doll and felt something like a pain in his chest. And he looked down at his shirt and his shirt was Angie and Donna and Lou. And then Ed and Lorraine took the doll to their house. They did this with tons of haunted articles or curse objects. I wouldn't do this but you know, I'm not a demonologist. But they took it to their house, and they put it in a case with holy water and blessings and like, all kinds of religious stuff to keep it contained, and that's where it sits to this day. The Warrens You know, there have been three annabell movies at this point. You know, I generally like them. I don't want to spoil them for you. But the the Annabel series is pretty good. She's also featured in the other conjuring movies. There's a bunch of these movies in this conjuring universe now and she's been at least tangentially related to all of them. Now the events that are depicted in the anabol movies are just made up. But it's Hollywood. And I'm not going to review the movies here, but a lot of it is just fake. They also super increase the creepiness factor of annabell by making her the porcelain doll with the super sinister smile. I personally find the real Ain't about even more creepy than the movie version even on the movie version is so scary. But the real thing I think is scarier because she's so normal looking. But supposedly there's such evil inside of her and that is the museum. I have high tech security here. If she had left the museum, I'd instantly know if something happened or if somebody broke in but Annabel's here, she didn't go anywhere. And I find that so funny that he felt the need to put out this like, official statement about Annabel's whereabouts. But yeah, Twitter was losing its collective shit about Annabel escaping. And I've thought a lot about you know, it's enough to make a kid kind of freak out. I still own most of these dolls. They're packed away in a box or they've been for a really long time. You know, they're they're worth money. And some of the people who bought them for me are are no longer with us. So I can't bear to part with them. But they don't ever come out. They're not being displayed. They they stay in a box under lots of attribute powers to dolls, like the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, has these fertility dolls, they're like a big flat head on like a round stick body. And I would try to tell you what the actual name of the dollars, but I'm going to butcher it. And I have too much respect for the Ashanti people of Ghana to try and do that. But these are apparently really common things in other West African tribes as Were the like combination of black like African, indigenous people, French, Catholic, Spanish, all of these cultures sort of smashed together and created what we now think of as Voodoo. And voodoo dolls, by themselves are not supposed to have powers necessarily, but they are supposed to be representative of a particular person. without, you know, sticking that doll with pins that would just be from the late 19th century where the people all have like super dead eyes, just because of the way that photography was back then. So that wasn't great. And then I had an adjoining bathroom, which was really nice. And then I had this like, weird little alcove that was full of fucking dolls. And I walked into this little alcove, and it was a stairway to nowhere. And every step was another bunch of you.