March 16, 2021

The night before launch

It's the night before launch, and all through the house, not a single person is sleeping... because if I'm awake, everyone is.

Tomorrow is the official launch day for my podcast, and while I know that almost no one will be listening, save a few of my nearest and dearest, I'm still SO nervous. I don't even necessarily think that what I'm putting out is bad, despite me being new at this. Or rather, no worse than anyone else's launch. I struggle to relax normally about the stuff I put out into the world, but this is pretty huge. I've been thinking about hosting a podcast for a long time, and I put a frankly stupid amount of time and energy into planning this. I even got my show in all the major apps before launch. Hi, I'm prepared, how are you?

But no amount of preparation makes up for bad content. Or poor mic technique. Or a thousand other things I haven't even thought of yet but I'm sure someone will point out to me. 

The last time I attempted this I didn't even have any intro music, so I guess I'm learning...?